Top Rails

Top Rails: The Capstone to your Railing

Ottawa Railing offers various top rails to suit your design goals. Our installers will ensure your top rails stay in place for decades while looking beautiful.

What is a Railing Top Rail?

A top rail is a horizontal element positioned atop the railing system, usually fixed to the vertical posts, and functions as a protective cap for the railing. It’s distinct from a handrail, which must be graspable for added walking support.

Choosing the Right Top Rail Style for Your Deck Railing

When considering the style of your top railing, it’s essential to consider the design of your home and your personal preferences. You can opt for the simplicity of a square or rectangular top rail for a modern, sleek appearance.

Alternatively, a rounded profile can provide a smooth touch, softening the deck’s overall design. It’s wise to sample different top rails in person to see which will enhance your railing the most.

Explore Various Home Styles for Inspiration

Take inspiration from different home styles to envision how your chosen top rail design can complement your deck railing ideas. Whether it’s the rustic charm of a log cabin, the elegance of a modern craftsman, the clean lines of a contemporary design, or a tropical vibe, the top rail can harmonize beautifully with your deck’s overall aesthetic.

Shape Considerations Based on Material

The shapes available for the top rail largely depend on the material chosen. Wood offers the most flexibility as it can be custom-milled to virtually any shape and size. However, there are certain limitations to maintaining the top rail’s structural integrity.

Metal railings offer a slightly lesser variety of shapes due to the challenges in machining them. Typically, metal top rails are crafted from tubing, extrusions, flat bars, or pipes.

On the other hand, glass railings often have no top rail for maximum transparency. Also, sleek top rails can look seamless and maintain most of the view.

Factors to Consider in Top Rail Shape Selection

Think about the functionality you desire from your top rail. Would you like it to double as a shelf for guests to rest their drinks? Alternatively, a rounded top rail can discourage people from placing items on the railing, which could cause a falling hazard.

If an unobstructed view is a priority, consider a thinner top rail for a clear line of sight. Selecting the right top rail shape ensures a perfect blend of practicality and aesthetics for your deck railing.

What Colour or Finish Should I Choose for the Top Rail?

When it comes to metal railings, there are many finishes to consider. Powder coating or baked-on paint offers numerous, long-lasting colour options to suit your preferences.

If you find choosing a colour overwhelming, our design experts can assist you in making your decision. For a more industrial chic look, aluminum can be anodized, giving your top rail a silvery, bare metal appearance.

Black is a classic look for railings and top rails. It adds sleekness and hides dirt exceptionally well.

Concealed Lighting For Top Rails

Tube-style top rails (round, square, or rectangle) are the best options for concealing electrical wires and lighting within. Consider incorporating LED lighting to enhance the ambiance and aesthetics of your railing system.

Selecting the Right Top Rail for Your Railing System

Ensure that your chosen top rail material and style align with the type of railing you’ve selected or already have in place. Cable railing systems, for instance, require a sturdier top rail due to the force factors involved.

Your top rail plays a crucial role in the overall stability of the railing system. Additionally, your project may require handrails that comply with ACA requirements for added safety.

Our experts can guide you through the options, helping you achieve your desired outcome. Contact Ottawa Railing now for a free quote and any questions answered!

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