Porch Railings

Porch Railings

Porches provide a perfect place for you, your family or guests to enjoy some time outside. A well-built porch railing makes it safe to enjoy and adds some architectural style points.

Ottawa Railing is a well-respected installer of porch railings with years of experience and countless satisfied customers. We design and install custom porch railings all around Bytown, including in:

  • Navan

  • Cumberland

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  • Rockland

  • Ottawa

  • Nepean

  • Barrhaven

  • Manotick

  • Greely

  • Kanata

  • Stittsville

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  • Limoges

  • Casselman

We can help you narrow your porch railing ideas and help you decide the best one for your home or business.

Aluminum Railings

Does My Porch Need Railings?

In Ontario, the porch railing code says any platform higher than 23 ¾ inches needs a railing around its edges. Therefore, if your porch is more than two feet off the ground, it’s required by building codes to have railings.

The rules for porch railing codes can be confusing. But some other porch railing code basics to keep in mind are:

  • $Porch railings can’t have a gap larger than four inches between the decking and the bottom railing.
  • $The minimum height for a porch railing on a single-family home is around 36 inches.
  • $For commercial spaces, including multi-family apartments, the minimum porch railing height is 46 inches.
  • $Guardrail infill should be spaced no more than four inches apart.

Porch Railing and Columns

Porch railings and columns are essential architectural elements that enhance your home’s looks and provide crucial safety and support. Ottawa Railing offers many porch railing systems to complement the overall aesthetics of your house.

Aluminum or glass railings add a contemporary touch to your building and last many years. Columns, often used as supporting pillars, come in diverse styles like square, round, fluted, or tapered, influencing your porch’s character.

Combining elegantly crafted railings with well-designed columns creates a harmonious and inviting porch area, making it a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Ottawa Railing can install porch railings and columns that will be a treasured part of your home for decades. Contact us now for a free quote on porch railings and columns!

Porch Railing and Posts

Posts and porch railings play a vital role in enhancing the beauty and safety of a porch. Together, they create a visually appealing and structurally sound space that adds value to your home.

Ottawa Railing can help you design and install the perfect porch railing and posts to fit your needs. Key ideas to understand about porch railings and posts include:

Structural Support: Posts serve as the foundation for your porch railing system. They securely anchor to the ground or the porch structure, providing stability and strength to the entire railing system. This ensures that the railing can withstand various forces, such as wind pressure or accidental impacts, making the porch safe for occupants.

Design Harmony: Porch railings and posts work together to create a cohesive design that complements the architectural style of your house. The choice of materials and aesthetic details in the posts and railings should harmonize with your home, enhancing visual appeal.

Safety Barrier: Porch railings prevent falls from elevated porches. They create a secure boundary, especially for families with children, party animals, or elderly members, ensuring your porch area remains safe and accident-free.

Creative Elements: The combination of posts and porch railings allows you to add personality. Depending on the chosen materials, you can achieve various looks, from classic and traditional to modern and contemporary. Different railing styles, such as picket, glass, or baluster designs, can enhance your porch’s beauty while maintaining safety.

Durability and Longevity: High-quality materials for your posts and railings ensure the porch’s longevity and minimize maintenance needs. Aluminum and glass provide excellent resistance to weather and wear, which is critical in extreme temperature changes in Ottawa. We install only high-quality aluminum and glass porch railings, ensuring they stand strong for decades.

Porch Railing You Can See Through

Some folks might worry about their porch railing obstructing their view. Fortunately, Ottawa Railing offers several options that don’t get in the way of the sights on the other side while maintaining a protective barrier.

Glass porch railings are one of the most elegant choices for a porch railing you can see through. We offer the finest tempered glass that is extra thick for superior strength and support as a porch railing.

Also, aluminum railings come with more see-through options than you might imagine. We can design a porch railing with thin infill, glass infill, or wire infill to give you more visibility.

Porch Railing Designs

Our expert team will help you discover the ideal railing design that suits your needs and preferences. With a wide range of materials and finishes, we offer porch railing styles to cater to various architectural goals.

Our experienced professionals work closely with you to understand your vision, then guide you through the selection process while offering valuable insights to make informed decisions.

Whether you seek a classic, ornate design or a contemporary, minimalist look, Ottawa Railing has the expertise and product range to make your porch railing dreams a reality. Let us help you transform your porch into an inviting and stylish outdoor space that complements your home’s charm.

Porch Railing Cost

Estimating porch railing costs is nearly impossible without knowing more about your property. Each project is different, and material prices are constantly fluctuating.

That being said, we can help you get a rough estimate for your porch railing cost, including labour for installation, if you know how long your porch railing must be. For example, the average cost of an aluminum porch railing falls between $50 to $130 per linear foot. On the other hand, glass porch railings can cost anywhere from $100 to $300 per linear foot.

Remember, this is no guarantee of pricing and your porch railing could cost much more or much less. Call Ottawa Railing today for a no-obligation, free quote and you will be one step closer to having a high-quality porch railing!