Railing Pickets, Spindles, and Infill

Discover the art of elegance and security with Ottawa Railing’s exquisite Railing Picket, Spindle, and Infill offerings. Our commitment to innovation and design excellence shines through in every detail of the products we offer for installation.

Aluminum Pickets: Where Strength Meets Beauty

Experience the perfect union of strength and aesthetic appeal with our aluminum pickets. Crafted to endure the test of time, these pickets provide unparalleled durability while enhancing the visual allure of your railing.

The intrinsic qualities of aluminum offer a long-lasting, weather-resistant solution that guarantees your railing’s integrity for years. Our pickets are lightweight, yet strong for maximum performance.

Low Maintenance, Lasting Beauty

Say goodbye to constant upkeep with our low-maintenance aluminum pickets. Each picket is meticulously crafted with a powder-coated finish, ensuring a vibrant and flawless appearance that withstands the elements without fading or corroding.

This means your railing retains its beauty without the hassle of frequent maintenance, allowing you to enjoy its elegance year after year. Also, you’ll save time and money without having to refinish or repaint your railings.

Railing pickets made from iron can rust, causing stains and weakening the metal. With wooden pickets, rot or other deterioration can eat away the surface, requiring frequent refinishing or possible replacement.

Understanding Pickets: Elevate Your Railing's Aesthetics

Pickets are the vertical elements that compose your railing’s infill, creating a visually appealing pattern that defines your space while ensuring safety. Most folks use pickets and spindles interchangeably, and you also might hear them called infill or balusters.

Ottawa Railing’s picket, spindle, and infill offerings allow you to customize your railing to suit your unique style. Whether you’re drawn to timelessly charming spindles or sleek modern pickets, our diverse selection empowers you to curate a railing that mirrors your vision.

Elevate your railing experience with Ottawa Railing’s Picket, Spindle, and Infill options. Immerse yourself in a world of strength, lasting beauty, and low maintenance, where your railing becomes a masterpiece that seamlessly blends aesthetics and security.

Aluminum Railings