Our Process

From the moment you receive your complimentary estimate to the final touches on your project, Ottawa Railing is dedicated to delivering the highest quality service.

Over the years, we’ve refined a straightforward approach emphasizing transparency, customer satisfaction, and community trust.

Guided by your needs, preferences, and envisioned designs, we accompany you every step of the way, from our initial conversation to the completion of your project.


Precise measurements are essential for proper handrail, picket, and deck installation. After our initial consultation and your confidence in Ottawa Railing, our team takes detailed measurements of the designated area, ensuring optimal fall prevention and reliable support for your project.

Design Approval

Transparency and your approval are paramount to us. Following measurements, our team discusses the design elements you desire. We ensure you understand your design and love it to eliminate retakes and costly errors.Once you endorse your design, we schedule the most convenient time to begin work and give you a timetable for completion. Most railing projects are completed within a week, and smaller jobs take only a day or two.

Execution Installation

The culmination of your project involves our skilled professionals expertly installing your chosen materials sourced from top manufacturers. Transparency remains our guiding principle, ensuring your project aligns with your vision.

Our Guarantees

1. Support From Start To Finish:

We’ll be with you each step of the way to answer questions and help guide you to making the best decision for your property.

2. Experienced Railing Installers:

Our team has installed railings for many years,
knowing insider tricks to ensure your project turns out flawless.

3. Guaranteed Work:

If you have doubts after completion, we’ll come to your property quickly to inspect and fix any errors.

4. Transparency In Everything We Do:

We’ll ensure you understand and consent to every work we perform on your property.

Your Trusted Railing Contractor

Whether residential or commercial, railings are necessary for safety, support, and beauty.

Ottawa Railing offers decades of industry experience, guaranteeing comprehensive and affordable installation services.

From planning to repairs, we handle all aspects of railing and fence solutions, ensuring a seamless experience and lasting appeal for your property.

Complete Railing Solutions

Ottawa Railing delivers many designs to enhance your property’s curb appeal. From porch to stair railings, we provide unmatched services and products built to withstand time’s test.

For quality, affordability, and professionalism, trust Ottawa Railing for all your railing needs. Contact us today for the finest railing contractor in and around Ottawa.