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Ottawa Railing is your best option for an affordable railing installation contractor serving the village of Navan. We always deliver top-quality railings customized to meet your exact needs.

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Our team has years of experience designing and building the highest quality railings, always appreciated by Navanites. Click below for a free quote now!

Own the security and elegance of a top-quality, custom railing installation with Ottawa Railing

We listen to your design inspiration and create a long-lasting railing that exceeds your wildest dreams.

Why Ottawa Railing is the village of Navan’s favourite installer

We Install Any Railing Type in Navan

At Ottawa Railing, our goal is to elevate your space from average to spectacular. With many years of experience in the business, we specialize in Aluminum Railings and Glass Railings. We offer a wide selection of staircase railings, patio railings, balcony railings, pool railings, deck railings, porch railings, and anywhere you need a railing for safety, privacy, and beauty. Ottawa Railing makes finding a solution easy for all your residential and commercial railing needs in Navan.

All our railing installations exude sophistication and strength, while complementing your building’s architectural appeal. Collaboration with each client is one of our greatest strengths, ensuring you get the railing you want. Call or write to Ottawa Railing now to see how we can help you get an amazing railing designed and installed in no time at all.

Unmatched Railing Installation Experience

Our designers and installers have succeeded in every situation and will find the solution to create the best railing for you.

Specializing in Aluminum Railings and Glass Railings

We’ve worked with every railing material and have seen that aluminum and glass offer the best mix of strength, beauty, and affordability.

Expert Workmanship

Our railing installations are recognized for their masterful execution that lasts decades keeping you safe.

Affordable Installation Costs

It seems everything’s getting more expensive these days and we do our best to deliver the best prices to our Navan customers.

We Design and Install the Perfect Railing for You

Ottawa Railing Uses the Highest Quality Railing Materials For Durable Safety Solutions

Glass Railings

For a sophisticated, almost invisible barrier, there is no better solution than glass railings.

Aluminum Handrails

Aluminum Railings

For the classic metal railing look without worrying about rust stains.

The Top Railing Contractor in Navan

Our Railing Installation Process

With our extensive industry experience, we have meticulously developed a streamlined workflow for diverse railing installations, ensuring maximum efficiency. At every step of the railing installation, customer satisfaction remains our primary focus. This well-honed process empowers us to deliver railings that go above and beyond your expectations, making Ottawa Railing the premier railing company in Navan.

Step 1: Project Planning

Following a thorough consultation and on-site assessment of your property, we will develop a meticulous plan for a stunning and durable railing. Our expert design team will immerse themselves in understanding your unique requirements and provide insights into the project’s practical aspects.

We’ll inquire about your budget, the dimensions of the railing, and your desired aesthetic preferences to ensure a tailored solution that perfectly suits your vision.

Step 2: Designing Your Railing

At this phase, we’ll discuss and showcase the latest railing design trends, a variety of embellishments, and a wide range of available options. Afterward, we create a practical and awe-inspiring railing design, which we present for your approval. This detailed railing design allows you to envision precisely what you’ll be getting before any work commences, ensuring complete satisfaction with the proposed plan.

Step 3: Railing Installation

In this final stage, we encounter the most technical and vital aspects of the project. Here, all the intricate details and the actual execution of the plan come to fruition. From sourcing the ideal materials at the best prices to expertly fitting, cutting, welding, and attaching, our unwavering focus on precision craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail ensures a finished product that will leave you to enjoy your new railing for many years to come.

Would You Like To Hire the Top Railing Installation Company in Navan?

If you’re seeking a dependable and cost-effective railing installation contractor in Navan, look no further! Ottawa Railing is the ideal choice for you. We take pride in delivering top-notch work and completing projects on schedule. Our expertise extends to all types of railings, including aluminum and glass, all available at affordable prices. Trust Ottawa Railing to enhance your space with our premium railing solutions.

Your Railing Installation Contractor

Railings Aren’t Boring To Us

We get excited about each railing we install in Navan. Our work enhances your property and keeps anyone who visits safe from accidents. In the end, we want to install a railing for you that you can appreciate for its beauty and rely on to support you when you need it.

Custom-Fit Railings

Quick Completion

Affordable Costs

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Why We Love Navan

We always look forward to a railing installation in Navan because people there appreciate a peaceful life to watch the changing of the seasons. It always feels like a weight is lifted off our shoulders when we come to the village and we can’t wait for an opportunity to return. 

While it’s certainly a quaint area, we love picking up the Navan Nugget to see all the activities going on. You folks really know how to enjoy yourselves, from the famous Navan Fair, to live music and theater productions. 

Navan is a beautiful place that anyone would enjoy calling home. We hope you’ll choose us to install your railing so we can have another chance to visit this wonderful place!