Railing Installation Company Serving Manotick

Ottawa Railing delivers all types of railing installation services to Manotick

Aluminum Railings and Glass Railings

We install aluminum and glass railings for decks, balconies, porches, walkways, verandas and more!

Handrails for Stairs

Our hand railings will support you when you need them.

Ottawa Railing Is A Top Railing Installation Contractor

Highly-Rated Railing Installation Near Manotick

Search no more and entrust your project to the top-tier team for the installation of an elegant and robust railing system. Ottawa Railing stands at the forefront of the industry when it comes to installing a variety of railing types, such as:

  • Deck Railings
  • Porch Railings
  • Balcony Railings
  • Veranda Railings
  • Patio Railings

The quest for a reliable railing installation contractor doesn’t have to be challenging. Ottawa Railing has earned its reputation as one of the premier players in the field, serving multiple regions in close proximity to the nation’s capital, including Manotick. Reach out to us today for a free quote and to arrange a prompt and efficient railing installation!

Deck Railing Ideas
Our design team will help you select the best railing ideas for your deck.
Add Elegance To Your Outdoor Lifestyle
Our glass railings are an enchanting choice, allowing you to take full advantage of your time outside.
Safety That Lets You Relax
We install railings with the utmost attention to safety and longevity, meaning you’ll never have to worry about accidents on your deck.
Deck Railing Accessories

Ottawa Railing offers add-ons that enhance your outdoor experience, including:

  • Folding railing tables
  • Railing umbrella holders
  • Railing cup holders
  • Railing bird feeders

Deck Railings Prices in Manotick

Price is one of the biggest factors in selecting a railing installation company. We offer some of the lowest rates in Ottawa, but never compromise quality.

Aluminum Railing Cost

It’s difficult to estimate your aluminum railing cost without more information, but in general, prices range from $46 to $68 per linear foot.

Glass Railing Cost in Manotick

The average price of a glass railing installation is from $64 to $93 per linear foot. For a free, no obligation quote on your Manotick railing installation, contact Ottawa Railing now!

Have A High-Quality Railing Installed

Ottawa Railing uses top-quality materials to ensure railings that last decades without problems.
Aluminum Handrails

The Best Aluminum Railings

Aluminum railings offer the same benefits as iron or wood railings, without as much degradation. You hardly have any maintenance chores with our railings, saving time and money for many years.

Glass Railings For A Sophisticated Look

Our glass railings enhance any space, adding to views instead of blocking them.

Free, No Obligation Railing Installation Quote

Contact Ottawa Railing today to learn more about our offerings and receive a free quote for our services.

Column Replacement in Manotick

Ottawa Railing can help you replace rotting wood columns with long-lasting aluminum! Our columns make your home or business look impressive and add stability.

Manotick’s Trusted Railing Installation Company

Ottawa Railing’s Mission Statement


Since our founding, we’ve been dedicated to delivering railings that help people enjoy their outdoor spaces with the security of an expert installation. We’re proud to play such a vital role in our communities safety. Also, we want our customers to see beauty in our work, not just a utilitarian barrier mandated by the building codes.

Interior Railing Installations

Railing Inspections and Repairs

Railings for Stairs

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Manotick is where you finally start to feel outside of the city, but you’re actually so close! It’s definitely a laid back and friendly atmosphere in this area. 

We take any chance we can get to have a meal at Kelly’s Landing Restaurant Their Rideau River seating is to die for, and we always save room for fish tacos!

This area reminds us of what life used to be like a century ago, and even more so at the Watson’s Mill Museum We always feel connected to our roots and grateful for our modern conveniences when we see how they used to make flour in Manotick.