Double Columns

Ottawa Railing’s Double Column Installation Service

Welcome to Ottawa Railing, your gateway to redefining architectural aesthetics and structural integrity through our double column installation service. Embark on a journey into the world of double, or coupled, columns – an elegant motif that encapsulates historical charm and modern sophistication.

Aluminum Double Column Styles

Our aluminum column styles offer an exquisite blend of contemporary design and durable functionality, redefining the aesthetics of your architectural space. Ottawa Railing presents various aluminum column styles, each meticulously crafted to complement your architectural themes and personal preferences, such as:

  • $Round columns
  • $Square columns
  • $Doric columns
  • $Fluted columns

From sleek and minimalist profiles to ornate and intricately detailed designs, our aluminum column styles cater to any taste or creative vision. Whether you seek columns that exude modern sophistication or timeless elegance, our collection has something for your project.

Ottawa Railing’s aluminum column styles offer a harmonious blend of form and function, enhancing the visual appeal and structural integrity of your space.

Double Column Colours

Powder-coated finishes ensure that our aluminum columns remain visually striking while resisting the effects of weather and time. This low-maintenance feature ensures that your chosen colour maintains its allure with minimal effort, offering lasting beauty for years to come.

You can choose any colour for your double columns that match the rest of your space. Standard column colours include:

  • $White
  • $Black
  • $Beige
  • $Stone
  • $Marble

Discovering Coupled Columns: Elevating Architectural Grandeur

A double column is a timeless architectural feature where two columns stand side by side, creating a visually captivating symmetry that defines your deck with grace.

Traditionally utilized from the 17th century onwards, coupled columns are a hallmark of classic architectural design, enhancing facades, entrances, windows, fireplaces, and more. You can find double columns on such impressive buildings as:

  • The Colonnade of the Louvre, Paris, France

  • Canterbury Cathedral, Kent, UK

  • Trinity Church, Boston, USA

Take your place among these historic landmarks with a double column in your home. Ottawa Railing can install stylish aluminum coupled columns on your porch, deck, or anywhere you need them!

Balancing Tradition and Controversy: Unraveling the Double Column

The history of coupled columns is not without its arguments, reflecting both structural and aesthetic debates. Quatremère de Quincy criticized them as a “fault,” while Claude Perrault championed their structural superiority.

You can decide for yourself whether the double column is a marvel or a monster. At Ottawa Railing, we embrace this heritage by combining historical elegance with modern engineering prowess, ensuring that your double columns stand as a testament to tradition and innovation.

Ottawa Railing's Double Column Installation: Where Craftsmanship Meets Vision

With Ottawa Railing’s double column installation service, you can transform your space into a harmonious blend of beauty and functionality. Our coupled column installations adhere to meticulous standards, ensuring each pair is set precisely and proportionately, creating a captivating presence that elevates your property’s allure.

Embrace the elegance of coupled columns with Ottawa Railing’s expert installation service. From classic facades to modern interpretations, our dedication to structural excellence and timeless design ensures that your double columns stand as architectural masterpieces, bridging the gap between the past and present.

Experience the transformative power of our double column installation service and redefine your space with a touch of timeless charm. Contact Ottawa Railing now for a free double column quote!