Decorative railing

Decorative Railings: More Than Meets The Eye

At Ottawa Railing, we offer expert installation and replacement of decorative railings. You might think decorative railings are unnecessary, but they serve many purposes our customers love.

Making the leap and choosing decorative railings for your home or business improves your life in more ways than one. Contact Ottawa Railing now for a free quote for any railing system!

Create Your Dream Railings

Tell us your vision for your railings and we’ll make them come to life. There’s no design to ornate or inventive for Ottawa Railing to achieve.

We work with skilled craftspeople and the highest-quality suppliers to make works of art you will enjoy for years. Contact us now if you have a railing design for us or we’ll show you examples we’ve created for others.

1. Overlooking the Aesthetic Impact:

Many homeowners tend to focus solely on interior decor and architectural features, inadvertently neglecting the aesthetic potential of their exterior railings. A well-designed and carefully installed decorative railing can serve as a captivating focal point, enhancing the curb appeal and elevating the visual allure of your property.

Our team at Ottawa Railing specializes in crafting custom decorative railings that perfectly complement your home’s style and architecture, ensuring a stunning and seamless integration with your overall design.

2. Underestimating Safety Importance:

While decorative railings undoubtedly add beauty, they are not just ornamental elements. Safety is a paramount consideration when it comes to exterior railings.

Sturdy and expertly installed railings play a crucial role in providing support and protection for your family and guests as they navigate outdoor spaces like balconies, decks, and staircases. Ottawa Railing ensures every decorative railing we install meets stringent safety standards, giving you peace of mind and a secure environment for everyone.

Don’t let these common misconceptions prevent you from experiencing the full potential of decorative railings for your home. Contact Ottawa Railing today to explore our wide selection of beautifully crafted railing systems, blending aesthetics and safety seamlessly.

Elevate Your Home’s Attractiveness with Decorative Railings

The impact of decorative railings on the attractiveness of a building is often underappreciated. Decorative railings can add an elegant and sophisticated touch to any home or business, enhancing its overall allure.

Far beyond the traditional front porch or balcony, railings can be strategically placed in various areas to add character and charm to your property. Like selecting a watch or a piece of jewelry, the key lies in the placement and choice of material.

Here are four areas where decorative railings can create a significant impact on your property:

1. Under and Around Windows

Beautify your exterior walls by installing small decorative guardrails around the bottom half or all of any window. Choose from shapes and designs that accentuate your windows, adding a touch of sophistication and depth to your home’s façade.

As a bonus, metal railings over windows deter any uninvited people from trying to enter through a window. Your home will be fortified, and a much easier target without decorative railings will be selected.

2. Beside Walkways

Instead of lining your walkways with shrubbery that requires constant upkeep, consider installing a railing for a low-maintenance, attractive alternative.

Choose a handrail or a more subtle option that complements the flow of your landscape, enhancing both the safety and aesthetics of your walkways.

3. Up Against Walls

Transform a plain concrete wall into a work of art by adding a railing. Railings can add depth and texture to a bland surface, or accentuate the colour of your exteriors.

They can even create the illusion of more windows or an added balcony, making your home appear grander and more luxurious.

4. Surrounding Your Yard

Fence in your yard with style using decorative railings. More appealing than traditional chain link fences, decorative railings offer a superior alternative for securing your yard.

If you prefer a privacy fence, add slats, latices, or shrubs into your railing so strangers or neighbours can’t peek in on your private affairs.

5. Around Your Pool or Pond

Water features offer excellent opportunities for outdoor recreation and relaxation. Sometimes, you need extra security around ponds or pools to keep animals or people out.

A decorative railing is the perfect solution for adding safety to your pool or pond. In fact, some building codes require fencing around a pool, which our railing systems can satisfy.

If you’re ready to buy a decorative railing now, contact Ottawa Railing for a free quote! We offer affordable prices and quick installation on all our railing systems.