Deck Railings

Deck Railings

If you’re coming up with some deck railing ideas, there are tons of options Ottawa Railing can help you with. We’re your local deck railing installation experts with years of experience and countless happy customers around the nation’s capital.

Deck Railing Requirements Ontario

You may be wondering about the deck railing code in Ottawa and if you need a railing on your structure. The building code for Ontario says that any deck over about two feet needs a guardrail around its edges.

Your deck might be inspected as part of the permitting process, and the railing will be part of that inspection. Some other helpful facts about the deck railing code in Ottawa are:

  • $Deck railing gaps shouldn’t be larger than four inches.
  • $The deck railing minimum height for a residential home is 36 inches.
  • $The minimum deck railing height is 46 inches for multi-family apartments or commercial buildings.
  • $Guardrail infill between deck railing posts should be spaced no more than four inches apart.

Unfortunately, the deck railing code can be confusing for the average homeowner. Call Ottawa Railing with any of your questions, we’re experts on building to meet all the requirements that will keep you safe.

Deck Railing Gate

A deck railing gate can help keep little ones or pets safely on a deck with an opening to stairs. Ottawa Railing has many deck railing gate ideas you’ll love and can count on for many years.

Some of our favourite deck railing gate ideas are:

  • $Sliding deck railing gate- sliders free up space because the gate doesn’t swing, taking up a large radius.
  • $Artistic gate - you can hire a metal worker to create a custom work of art for your gate.
  • $Glass gate - a glass gate lets you see through it and has an elegant appearance.
  • $Tall gate - your gate could be the height of a door, giving your deck a unique look.
  • $Double gate - a deck railing gate can be half on one post, half on the other with a latch in the center.

No matter what look you’re going for with your deck railing gate, Ottawa Railing can install it for you. Get in touch with us now to learn more about having a deck railing installation on your home or business.

Deck Railing Designs

Working with Ottawa Railing gives you access to years of knowledge on choosing the right deck railing design for your home or business. We keep up with the latest deck railing styles, and we’re well-versed in traditional and classic designs that never fail to impress.

You might have tons of deck railing ideas or no clue at all. Our first step in deck railing installation is to have an intimate talk with you to understand your desires and the constraints of your space.

Our expert team will make planning your deck railing system seamless and it will turn out better than you can imagine. Call us today to start discussing the best deck railing designs for you and get a free quote!

Deck Railing Supports

The supports you pick for your deck railing make a huge impact on its overall appearance. Ottawa Railing’s design team can guide you through choosing the best deck railing supports that will look beautiful and stay strong.

A deck railing post can come in many shapes and sizes to compliment your space. Some of the options you might consider include:

  • What colour would you like your deck railing posts to be?

  • How far do you want to space your supports?

  • Do you want a straight post or a tapered post?

Aluminum Deck Railing

When it comes to choosing a deck railing metal, aluminum is one of the best because it’s strong but doesn’t corrode as easily as traditional iron. Therefore, you won’t have to deal with messy rust stains ruining the appearance of your deck railing.

A deck railing made from aluminum will give you decades of nearly maintenance-free support and protection. They’ll never need painting or refinishing like iron or wood railings will, saving you money and time over their lifespan.

If you’re thinking of having an aluminum deck railing installed, call or write to us today for a free deck railing quote. Aluminum is an excellent deck railing metal that you will enjoy for many decades without worries.

Glass Deck Railing Options

For a truly spectacular outdoor deck railing design, glass is a top material that lets you enjoy unimpeded views. Ottawa Railing is your glass deck railing expert who can help you transform an ordinary deck into a luxury space.

Deck railings made from glass are one of the best ways to add value and comfort to your home or business. They keep everyone who uses your deck safe without blocking the views that you come outside to enjoy.

Many deck railing styles can be achieved with glass, including modern, traditional, and avant-garde. If you’re considering a glass deck railing installation, contact Ottawa Railing now for a free quote! We’ll answer any questions you have and get our team out to start work fast!

Deck Railing Lights

Another idea to enhance your deck is adding some lights to the deck railing. This illuminates your outdoor space and allows parties and gatherings to go on late into the night for a chance to see the stars and gaze at the moon.

Planning your deck railing lights with the overall design can make your space feel tight and custom-made for any occasion. Ottawa Railing can help you incorporate deck railing lights seamlessly into your plans for many years of nighttime fun.

Also, deck railing lights can add safety to your home or business because people can see the railing better and there’s less chance of accidents. Call Ottawa Railing now for a free deck railing quote and ask about adding lights to your design.