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Ottawa Railing serves Barrhaven with all types of railing installations.

Deck Railing Design Ideas

Our team of experts can help with every phase of your railing installation in Barrhaven.

Railings and Stairs

If you need railings for your stairs in Barrhaven, contact Ottawa Railing today for a free quote!

Ottawa Railing’s Leading Railing Installation Service

Barrhaven Residents: Looking For Railing Installation Near You?

Look no further and place your trust in the premier team to install a beautiful and strong railing. Ottawa Railing leads the industry in installation of numerous railings, including:

  • Deck Railings
  • Porch Railings
  • Balcony Railings
  • Veranda Railings
  • Patio Railings

Finding a railing installation contractor near you doesn’t have to be difficult. Ottawa Railing is regarded as one of the best in the industry and we serve many areas around the nation’s capital, including Barrhaven. Contact us now for a free quote and to schedule a railing installation soon!

Glass Railings for Verandas

Transform your veranda into an elegant space to pass an afternoon with glass railings.

A Perfect View
Glass railings for verandas won’t spoil your view, letting you use your property to the fullest.
Sleek, Modern Veranda Railings
If you want a modern design for your veranda, glass railings by Ottawa Railings are your best option.
Affordable Glass Railings for Your Veranda
With prices of everything skyrocketing across Canada, we strive to save you money on your glass railing installation at every opportunity without sacrificing quality.

Ideas for Porch Railings

Whether you possess a clear vision or are uncertain about the desired appearance of your railing, our team of designers and installers is dedicated to discovering optimal solutions that encompass aesthetics, comfort, and safety.

Difference Between Handrail and Railing

A handrail is graspable and gives someone support for walking, normally used on stairs. A railing, or guardrail, serves as a barrier between a walking platform and a ledge, like a short, bare-bones wall.

Ottawa Railing is Your Expert For Handrails and Railings

Wherever you need a handrail or railing installation near Barrhaven, Ottawa Railing is the top contractor you can trust for safety, affordability, and beauty.

How Much Do Railings Cost in Barrhaven?

The cost of your desired railing depends on which materials you choose for your design. Aluminum railings are cheaper than glass railings, for example.

Aluminum Railing Installation Average Cost

In the Barrhaven area, aluminum railings can cost you between $46 and $68 per linear foot. These are rough estimates and many factors could change what you end up paying.

Glass Railing Installation Average Cost

A glass railing installation near Barrhaven might cost between $64 and $93 per linear foot.

Free Railing Installation Quote

Now that we’ve given you a general price range, it’s time to get a specific quote and understand how much a new railing costs for your Barrhaven home or business! Contact Ottawa Railing now!

We Install Fences, Decks, and Columns in Barrhaven

Ottawa Railing is more than a railing installation contractor. We can help you with many home improvement projects, including fencing installations, deck building, and column replacement.

The Longest Lasting Railings in Barrhaven

Our Mission Statement


Since our founding, we’ve been dedicated to delivering railings that allow people to enjoy their outdoor spaces with the security of an expert installation. We’re proud to play such a vital role in our communities safety. Also, we want our customers to see beauty in our work, not just a utilitarian barrier mandated by the building codes.

Deck Railing Installations

Railings in Gardens and Parks

Loft Railings for Restaurants

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Why We Love Doing Business in Barrhaven

We install railings all over Ottawa and its suburbs, and Barrhaven is certainly one of our favourite areas. There are so many family friendly activities and you’re not too far away from the busy capital. 

The Cafe Cristal is an awesome option for starting your morning with a hot cup of coffee. We’ve met loads of friendly Barrhavenites there and think about their drinks often.

For tasty meals, we enjoy stopping in at theBarrhaven Vietnamese Restaurant . They’re always cooking delicious food, and it makes a great lunch during a busy day installing railings. We hope to visit again soon and install a railing for you!