Aluminum Railings

Aluminum Railings

Aluminum railings are a perfect option for many homes and businesses in Ottawa. Some of the top benefits of choosing an aluminum railing include:

  • Low-Maintenance

  • Long-Lasting

  • Beautiful Design Options

  • Affordability

  • Fast Installation

  • High Strength

Ottawa Railing has installed aluminum railings for countless customers around Bytown. People love these railings and feel they can count on them to keep everyone safe.

Aluminum Railings

Do Aluminum Railings Comply With Ottawa Building Codes?

Aluminum railings comply with all building codes when designed and installed by the experts at Ottawa Railing. A few deck building code basics that show how great aluminum railings fit into safety protocols are:
  • $The stair handrail minimum height for homes is 34 inches which can be accomplished with aluminum railings.
  • $The gap between the bottom of the rail and the floor of the deck shouldn’t be greater than four inches.
  • $The load on the baluster shouldn’t exceed 22.7 kilograms.
  • $The total concentrated load on the railing construction shouldn’t exceed 90.7 kilograms.
As you can see, aluminum is perfect for meeting building codes in Ottawa. Our aluminum railings will help you pass all inspections and keep everyone who uses your railings safe.

Aluminum Railings Never Rust!

One of the critical advantages aluminum railings have over iron railings is that you’ll never have to deal with rust. This feature is due to aluminum’s affinity to oxygen.

When aluminum railings are exposed to air, the metal develops a protective aluminum oxide film, protecting it from corrosion and allowing it to keep its appearance virtually forever. This means you won’t have to clean rust stains or deal with your railing crumbling after some years.

Low-Maintenance Aluminum Railings

All the aluminum railings offered by Ottawa Railing require little care to look great for decades. Our aluminum railings are powder coated for extra protection that won’t chip, fade, crack or peel like other railing materials.

You’ll never have to refinish aluminum railings like you have to do with a wooden one. The powder coating won’t break down or be damaged by the sun.

If your aluminum railing gets dirty, simply wipe it off with water, soap and a rag. Dirt, stains or growths will slide off easily and your railings will look as good as new!

Aluminum Railings Give You More Bang For Your Loonie

You might be able to find cheaper railing materials than aluminum, but this material gives you cost savings in the long run. Because aluminum lasts longer and requires less maintenance than iron or wood railings, they save you money and headaches over time.

Any improvement to your building is an investment, and aluminum gives you the best returns overall. An aluminum railing installed by Ottawa Railing will hold its value and save you effort and money over the decades you own it.

High-Strength Aluminum Keeps You Safe

Ottawa Railing contracts with the best aluminum extrusion company in Eastern Ontario to manufacture our railing materials. This ensures your railings have the highest strength to hold up in any situation.

Why Choose Ottawa Railing?

Our installation and design team has years of experience fitting aluminum railings into many buildings in Ottawa. You can count on us to deliver a product that will look incredible and stand the test of time.

We personalize each railing installation to your needs, giving you the power to create the look and feel you want. An aluminum railing will be a fixture in your home or business for many years, and our team will ensure you get exactly what you desire.

Attention to detail is one of the core principles we follow when installing aluminum railings. Each step is carefully executed and inspected to ensure your satisfaction for many years.

How Long Does It Take To Have Aluminum Railings Installed?

Every aluminum railing installation is unique, and Ottawa Railing will give you a specific timeframe for your project after our design process. But, you can make a rough estimate for personal use.

Our experienced installers can complete 10 to 20+ linear feet per hour, depending on your project’s complexity. You can measure the linear feet of your desired railing to guess how long it will take, such as:

  • 80 linear feet = Four to eight hours for a simple aluminum railing type

  • 80 linear feet = Six to ten hours for a medium-difficulty aluminum railing type

  • 80 Linear Feet = Ten to fifteen hours for more complex aluminum railing installations

These numbers show that most of our aluminum railings are installed in one day to less than one business week. Factors that might make an installation take longer include odd shapes or being high above the ground where more safety protocols are required.

Aluminum Railing Design Options

Our design experts can guide you to finding the right aluminum railing design, whether you have a precise idea in mind or want to explore some options. Some of the styles Ottawa Railing have helped customers achieve include:

  • Modern Aluminum Railings

  • Classic Aluminum Railings

  • Traditional Aluminum Railings

  • Art Deco Aluminum Railings

  • Eastern Aluminum Railings

Also, you can choose a colour of aluminum railing to match your design goals. Standard colours include white, black, and beige, but we can have a custom colour applied to suit your desires.

Aluminum Railing Design Options
Aluminum Guardrails<br />

Aluminum Guardrails

A guardrail is an architectural safety feature that stops people from falling off a ledge. You might need a guardrail on your deck, porch, patio, loft, balcony, rooftop, or anywhere there is a danger of falling.

Aluminum guardrails are a great choice because they provide the strength you need and don’t require much maintenance. Ottawa Railing installs aluminum guardrails in homes and businesses around Capital City that satisfy customers’ needs for safety and beauty.

Aluminum Handrails

A handrail is a sturdy piece of aluminum that folks can grasp for support when using stairs or ramps. They must be solid, smooth, and securely fashioned for the entire length of the incline.

Ottawa Railing can install an aluminum handrail that matches a new staircase or blends seamlessly with an existing one. Contact us today for a free quote for an aluminum handrail installation.

Aluminum Handrails<br />